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Motivation to Move

Many people start exercise programs with great gusto, only to find their athletic shoes collecting dust a few weeks later. Andrew Cate looks at ways to keep you moving.

How to Set Goals in 6 Easy Steps

Goal setting is one of the least practised, most helpful strategies for life change. Andrew Cate shows you how goals can get you motivated and help keep you committed.

Tackling Childhood Obesity

Obesity is an epidemic, with many children also overweight or obese. Health and fitness expert Andrew Cate shows what can be done.

Benefits of Cross Training

Online weight-loss coach Andrew Cate looks at how you can add some spice to your exercise training program.

10 Ways to Walk Smart

Walking is the most popular form of exercise. Weight-loss coach Andrew Cate looks at how to get the most from every step.

The Kokoda Track

Andrew Cate walked the Kokoda Track with six friends looking for adventure, and a better insight into a significant part of Australia's war history.

Athlete Fitness

Most people already know that inactivity leads to poor health, but too much exercise has its own set of problems. Health and fitness writer Andrew Cate looks at how to strike a healthy balance.

Time to Tackle Obesity

Health and fitness expert Andrew Cate looks at the current and growing problem of obesity, as not so different to the smoking debate of three decades ago.