A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Faith Faith

Right place, right time

Believing in God only becomes real when it affects the way you live

How to celebrate Sabbath

Catch a glimpse of how Sabbath observance brings families and communities together

The mystery of faith

Will all our questions ever be answered? Or is it best that some things remain unknowable?

The new Pharisees

Has the secular left become the new religious right?

Don’t hang up

What does genuine Christian faith look like when faced with everyday annoyances. . . like scammers who keep calling your number?

Hope and the end of history

Theories and speculation abound about Jesus’ return to this earth, but what does the Bible say?

At home with family

At its best, a church community provides the warmest embrace.

Financial apocalypse?

What possible reason could God have for allowing a global economic meltdown?

Healing the land

Caring for the natural world can be an act of worship

Eating together

One of the essential parts of being human happens around the dinner table. Jesus tapped into this reality when He gave us a reminder about Himself.

Breaking through

A marital breakup is hard on kids—and parents. What can dads do to ensure they continue to be a positive influence?

Consoling faith

Critics sometimes deride religious faith as a crutch for the weak. They may have a point, but there’s more to the story.