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Are you indoctrinating your kids?

Parenting is tough and raising your kids to share your values can be even tougher. How can we responsibly impress our values onto our children without verging into the realm of indoctrination?
Two women asking R U OK?

Are you really ok?

If someone asks "R U OK?" this week, would you be able to respond honestly? Learn how to become more aware of your emotions and better manage your own mental health.

Building a better house

Many assume having faith in God will protect us against depression. But does the God of the Bible really promise that?

Secrets to a longer, healthier life

Is the secret to living longer down to luck? Or is there a way you can not only live longer, but with a better quality of life?

Rest for a restless world

In a world that is constantly moving, working and striving, it can be difficult to truly rest. One day a week offers a path to peace unlike any other.

A flood of gratitude

When the floods descended on this family, they were filled with bad memories. But they managed to find hope and thankfulness in the middle of a disaster.

The science of dining

It's hard to believe it, but once upon a time the dinner table changed the world. Can it do that again?

Recovering from COVID-19

Fatigue after Covid is way more than just feeling tired. Here are five tips on what to do about it.

A return to peace

Could keeping just one day a week 'special' save you from burnout?

The story of a hobby

Remember when you used to have a hobby? If you're feeling overworked, under stress, or stretched too thin, it may be time you found a new one.

Anger management post-COVID

Many of us struggle with anger, and the Covid-19 pandemic has only made it worse. How can you and I learn to express our anger constructively?

How to avoid toxic positivity

Expecting to be happy all the time comes with a plethora of side-effects. Maybe learning to live with unhappiness is the key?