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The Prophet and the Black Dog

Many of us have wrestled with depression at some point in our lives. I felt it stalking me when my son was stillborn several...

Gratitude your way into the New Year

There is no time like the end of the year that stirs our interest in self-improvement. Many of us are thinking of the new...

Staying healthy through the festive season

Have you ever had to secretly undo your buttons after a meal? Perhaps the food looked too appetising to resist and you found yourself...

What COVID has taught us about sharing our emotions—and why now’s...

Although they were only two-and-a-half years ago, the first months of the COVID pandemic and ensuing lockdowns seem like a distant past. We have – perhaps intentionally...

How disposable are you?

How much is a human life worth, really?

Learning to say ‘no’

The desire to be liked is a normal aspiration. The need to be liked, however, is not as harmless.

Grief and the Church

We all experience hardship. The only question is: do you have a loving community to support you when pain comes knocking?

Going plant based

The myths, the reasons, the tips - a crash course for the plant-based curious.

Lessons in compassion

What does it mean to 'bear each other's burdens? Uncover the strangely healing act of willingly suffering with others.

Are you indoctrinating your kids?

Parenting is tough and raising your kids to share your values can be even tougher. How can we responsibly impress our values onto our children without verging into the realm of indoctrination?
Two women asking R U OK?

Are you really ok?

If someone asks "R U OK?" this week, would you be able to respond honestly? Learn how to become more aware of your emotions and better manage your own mental health.

Building a better house

Many assume having faith in God will protect us against depression. But does the God of the Bible really promise that?