Renovate Your Plate


Chronic diseases are on the increase, fuelled by modern diets and lifestyles; but it’s easy to “eat” yourself to health and reap immediate benefits, once you know how.

The Healthful Eating Plate

Numerous studies show that to avoid or better manage disease, your plate should focus on unrefined or minimally processed plant foods.

What’s On The Plate?

  • Vegetables or salads should fill half your plate and showcase various colours. These supply fibre and phytonutrients which fight disease and prevent excess weight.
  • You don’t have to go carb free! Whole grains can occupy a quarter of the plate. Unlike refined carbs, which can bring on type 2 diabetes and colon cancer, low glycemic-index (GI) whole grains help regulate your blood glucose and insulin levels, lower bad cholesterol and assist with weight management.
  • Plant proteins need to take up another quarter of each plate, so you needn’t worry about missing out on the protein and minerals found in meat. Think legumes, nuts, seeds and convenience products made from these.

Cooking Tips

  • Plan ahead to save time when shopping and cooking, and avoid impulse purchases and fast foods.
  • Stock a flexible pantry. Keep a range of whole foods such as black beans, bulgur wheat and dried shiitake mushrooms in glass jars to inspire your menu planning and improve dietary variety.
  • Invest in time-saving equipment. A pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker can make cooking whole foods light work.
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