A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Friendship: a priceless gift

Life is full of unexpected detours; having true friends makes all the difference.

The Gospel according to Leonard

Through the anguish and depression that ended my grandson’s life, he caught a glimpse of a Father who loved him.

We moved to an Indian slum

How living among the poor alerted one Aussie family to the urgency of a global issue.

Friends on death row

Meet the retired British woman who supports prisoners awaiting execution

Blood in, blood out

“It was pretty clear I was headed for prison or a violent death on the streets. But then came a baby, a bus stop and an ancient Book.” Rome Ulia tells his story.

Five Questions with David Roberston

David Robertson is director of Safe Places Services, a Seventh-day Adventist organisation dedicated to safeguard churches from sexual abuse and provide support for victims of the crime.

Silvie Paladino: For the Love of Singing

Silvie started her singing career at a young age of 18. She talks of how she has stayed well grounded to herself and as Christian.

The Conversation

She wanted to end it all, but God had other plans.

A Strong Love

One woman's experience with raising a disabled child

On, and Off, Court

Margaret Court: from tennis great to a great life with God

The Faith of a Scientist

Science doesn't always dispel the existence of God.

The Heart of Jesus

Learning lessons about appearances