A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The Least of These

The rejects of society are precious to Jesus. Diana Smith* tells about her friendship with one of these.

An Australian Christmas

Darren and Rosie Croft share what Christmas means to their family.

What I Learn From My Students

School is for learning-for teachers as well as students. Highschool teacher Julene Deurksen-Kapao explains.

Miscarriage and Me

Caring for others is a delicate thing-especially when considering the loss of life. Kylie Stacey shares her experience.

Going Deeper

Overcoming his fears the sea helped Glenn Townend grow His relationship with God.

Finding Life’s Purpose

After trying fame, fortune and folly, Shaun Bao found his passion- Jesus. Rochelle Woods tells his story.

A Life Well Lived

Kristel Rae delves into the lives of a remarkable couple-Peter and Joan Ruthven.

God’s Guiding Hand

At the worst of times, God often seems the closest. Glenis Lindley tells the story of one such day.

Francine Bell

Francine Bell has a lifestory that has spanned numerous countries and cultures. Melody Tan talks to this singer, actor and author.

Still a Hero

It is never easy to send someone off to war.Norman Young reflects on his father's heroic life.

Healing Love

What happens when your private demons start hurting those around you? Jennifer Schwirzer, pictured, shares her journey of both spiritual and physical healing.

Suffering Infertility, Grief, and God

Colin Renfrew opens his heart and tells his story.