A Christian Perspective on the World Today


All praise to the King

Elvis Presley’s music lives on and tribute performer Gavin Chatelier is determined that the world not forget the superstar’s gospel tunes or his personal faith.

Who is my neighbour?

Fear and prejudice are defeated when strangers become friends.

Consoling faith

Critics sometimes deride religious faith as a crutch for the weak. They may have a point, but there’s more to the story.

Godless nation?

More Aussies than ever say they’re not religious, but the evidence doesn’t show they’re hardcore atheists either, says Bruce Manners.

The Christian right . . . or wrong?

Clifford Goldstein points out that, according to the Bible, a false religion will one day be accepted by nearly all human beings around the world.

The God Helmet

Some spiritual experiences come from God. Others don’t. How do we tell the difference?

Overheard: January 2016

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Is God a Delusion?

Out of 9/11 a new ideology arose which declared intellectual war on all theistic faith and assumptions.

Called to Attention

An analysis of the news that we consume - or that consumes us.

Religion None

What's the fastest growing religious status group means for the world

Youth of the Nation

The implications of the Arab uprisings have more relevance to Christianity than you may think. Geoff Youlden tells us why.

Getting in Shape

According to Seth Pierce, martial arts training is in some ways similar to attending church.