A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The God to Whom We Pray

Paul Petersen points out that all over the world, people are praying, but there are marked differences in the kind of God they pray to.

Charles Fitch: herald of Christ’s return

William Miller proclaimed the nearness of Christ's return. Charles Fitch became one of his most ardent followers. Arthur Patrick tells the story.

Thomas Keneally: Meaning is Everything

Sheridan Voysey spoke with one of Australia's foremost writers about his encounters with faith and meaning.

The Ecstasy of Doing

Samir Selmanovic considers the roles of "rules" and practice in the religious experience of falling in love.

From the Ashes

Just days after devastating fires ripped through rural Victoria, Adele Nash spoke with one family who'd lost everything. Almost.

God is Right Brained

Chris Blake is not satisfied with many of our assumptions about God.

Radical Baptists: Thank God for What they Teach Us!

Historian Arthur Patrick unpicks one of the rich strands of Christian history.

It Isn’t All About Today

In a world focused on now, religion offers a larger perspective, urges Samir Selmanovic.

God our Stranger

"When did you last look for the image of God in a stranger?" Samir Selmanovic asks.

The Fundamentalists we Need

In a world reduced to a marketplace, we need more-not less-of the right kind of fundamentalism, urges Samir Selmanovic.

Eye on the Olympics

There are important links between faith and athletics

Commission or Invitation

Can we imagine something better than an all-Christian world? asks Samir Selmanovic.