A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Is Marriage Still Relevant?

Ed Dickerson responds to a question that is being asked more and more frequently these days: Does the piece of paper matter?

When Will Jesus Return?

Christians have been anticipating Christ's return for 2000 years. How much longer will we have to wait? Scott Cady reflects on the answer to that question.

Your Religion and the Environment

We're more connected to the environment than you think. Howard Fisher tells us how.

Wars and Rumours of Wars

Given the increasing number of conflicts around the world, are we are hurtling toward the end of the world?

Denver Steyn’s Bodybuilding Temple

Randall Oliver speaks with a budding young bodybuilder whose faith makes him stand out from the rest.

2010: Our Faith

Geoff Youlden takes an insightful look at the position of the Christian faith in Australia and the US today.

Does God Care What We Eat?

Charles Mills asks an interesting question: What's on the menu when God fixes the meal? Charles' answer may surprise you!

The Pilgrims

The Pilgrims have over one million direct descendants in the United States. Harold Harker recalls their origins.

Why Church?

A common question people ask is, Why should I go to church? It isn't just about God! Val Wright explains why.

The Puritans

Harold Harker follows the journey of a group of people so desperate for religious freedom that they risked their possessions and lives to obtain it

What Can You Expect From the Holy Spirit?

Nowhere in the Bible do we read a description of what He looks like, but Glenn Townend found Him to be a Companion he could count on.

Better Than Hyper-Reality

Nathan Brown talks with Melbourne author Mark Sayers about his explorations of our culture.