A Christian Perspective on the World Today


At home with family

At its best, a church community provides the warmest embrace.

Financial apocalypse?

What possible reason could God have for allowing a global economic meltdown?

Saying “I do”

A lot of couples are eloping these days. Is it because they don't value marriage, or because they do?

The Pact packs a punch

What does it take to turn an out-of-control kid into a disciplined fighting machine?

5 Questions with Ray Roennfeldt

Dr Ray Roennfeldt is president of Avondale College of Higher Education, a tertiary institution owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, in New South Wales, Australia

Tears of a Butterfly

She was a person everyone loved to hate. But, as Pat Fretten tells us, something changed.

Five Questions with David Roberston

David Robertson is director of Safe Places Services, a Seventh-day Adventist organisation dedicated to safeguard churches from sexual abuse and provide support for victims of the crime.

A Strong Love

One woman's experience with raising a disabled child

Return to Plan A-Again

Paul Colman on Christianity music and life without his trio

Why Organised Religion?

Sometimes it's hard to get along with others, even the like-minded. Why do we need each other?

Church: Love Me and Leave Me!

The Christian community needs to guard its doors. Especially the back one. John Blacker, an ordained minister, explains.

Getting in Shape

According to Seth Pierce, martial arts training is in some ways similar to attending church.