A Christian Perspective on the World Today


St Andrews: Home of the Brave

Nothing makes a place more interesting than knowing it's history. Harold Harker tells some of the stories that make St Andrews a town of interest.

Second Coming: Escape or Energiser?

Is faith all about another world or is it about living now? Nathan Brown finds a call to make a difference now in Jesus' promises of the Second Coming.

Who are those Adventists?

I'll never forget the time when, while dining with a very senior executive of a world-leading aerospace firm, the subject of religion came up in a somewhat incidental manner. After being pressed, I said that I was a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Chu

Cappadocia: Turkey’s Hidden City

One of the planet's most unique landscapes is also the home of much early church history, as Harold Harker explains.

Representing God

Representing God is a big ask, so it's little wonder the church lets God down so often. But, says Graeme Loftus, it's still the church's most important task.

The People of God

Our Western world is embroiled in an epidemic of individualism. Samir Selmanovic sees in the nature of God and God's creation the power and neccessity of community.

Seeing Red or Blue

Which side are you on?

Unity in Christ

Graeme Loftus looks at a fundamental belief of Christianity, the church.

Unity and Diversity in Christ

Because God is the infinite, personal Creator, distinct from His creation, oneness with Him does not mean the loss of identity, personality or individuality.

Last Ones Standing

Declining church attendance is a worrying trend

Means to an End

Understanding what Jess gave us is a step toward knowing what we might give in return