A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Return to Plan A-Again

Paul Colman on Christianity music and life without his trio

Why Organised Religion?

Sometimes it's hard to get along with others, even the like-minded. Why do we need each other?

Church: Love Me and Leave Me!

The Christian community needs to guard its doors. Especially the back one. John Blacker, an ordained minister, explains.

Getting in Shape

According to Seth Pierce, martial arts training is in some ways similar to attending church.

Why Church?

A common question people ask is, Why should I go to church? It isn't just about God! Val Wright explains why.

The Ecstasy of Doing

Samir Selmanovic considers the roles of "rules" and practice in the religious experience of falling in love.

It Isn’t All About Today

In a world focused on now, religion offers a larger perspective, urges Samir Selmanovic.

Radical Baptists: Thank God for What they Teach Us!

Historian Arthur Patrick unpicks one of the rich strands of Christian history.

What I see Ahead

Geoff Youlden looks at the world around us and the sure signs of the soon return of Jesus!

God our Stranger

"When did you last look for the image of God in a stranger?" Samir Selmanovic asks.

The Beginner’s Guide to Church

Many of us do not go to church. Some of us have never been. Christine Miles talks about what to expect and how to prepare.

How Attitudes Have Changed!

Pope Benedict's visit to Australia suggests a clear shift in thinking. Historian Arthur Patrick explains.