A Christian Perspective on the World Today

ten commandments

The law of love and freedom

Let’s face it, we’re basically selfish. But God offers a new way to be, and a better way to live.

Laying down the law

It takes maturity to move beyond our knee-jerk resistance to rules and understand the purpose behind them.

From Sunday to Sabbath

Doug Batchelor explains why he switched from observing the Sabbath on Sunday, the first day of the week, to observing it on Saturday, the seventh day.

Dee Dee, the escape artist

The primary purpose of boundaries is not to restrict, but to protect.

Unethical but legal

What do the Panama Papers teach us about the law and morality?

War and Peace

Should Christians be involved in warfare

The Luck of the Irish

As the world turns green on March 17, what is the real story behind the legend of Saint Patrick?

Sabbath: Do We Know Which Day It Is?

There've been two calendar changes in the past 2000 years, so a key question about the Sabbath is whether we really know which day it is.

The Battle Among Us

Is there an objective standard of right and wrong? Are the Bible's teachings on morality and ethics outdated and out of touch with the world of today?

Learning to Love God’s Law

They're not simply a list of dos and don'ts

How Not to Die

Kim Peckham shares his tips on how to live longer.

The Ten Commandments

In a world full of rules, Errol Webster explains why we need ten more.