A Christian Perspective on the World Today

ten commandments

The Ten That Set Us Free

God's laws are not meant to be restrictive.

Do Christians Have to Keep God’s Law?

Some Christians say that the Ten Commandments don't apply to God's people after the Cross, but Marvin Moore asks whether this is really true.


In a survey of Australian university students, more than eight out of 10 admitted cheating and copying the work of others.

Anger Management

Video games and violence have gone hand in hand since the first Space Invader was zapped 25 years ago.

Of Parents and Children

Our relationship with our parents is the foundation for all our other relationships. Loron Wade considers what it means to "honour your father and your mother."

Belonging to a Family

Nihilism is the ultimate in despair, in which there is no hope, no future, no meaning, no values, no purpose, no God.

Rest in a Restless World

How can we know who we are?

Little Gods

For centuries cultures have created gods to meet their own needs. Loron Wade explores the nature of the one true God and explains the danger of false gods.

True Versus False Worship

I once visited a beautifully ornate temple in northern India. People were filing past the lingam, paying homage with gifts of money and flowers.

Who do you Worship?

Worship is an attitude of the heart. In other words, what we love, we worship. Loron Wade points us to the only God who deserves our love and worship.

Our First Love

Here are really only two views as to where life came from: either evolution or creation.

Life in a Nutshell

Is it possible that the meaning of life could be this simple? David Edgren looks at a new-old way of experiencing life-and God.