A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Meat the alternative

What exactly are meat alternatives? Are they better for the planet? Are they really better for me?

Not-so-fantastic plastic

The technological marvel of the twentieth century that is synthetic plastic has proven to have knock-on effects that no-one saw coming. Are there any useful solutions on the way?

Healing the land

Caring for the natural world can be an act of worship

The cost of a carnivore

Ross Chadwick says motor vehicles aren’t the world's worst polluters. So what is?

Earth’s stewards

Loren Seibold reflects on our human responsibility to protect the world we’ve been given and the devastating result of our greed that’s destroying it.

Is sharing caring?

Do the promises of the “new economy” of a better community and a gentler impact on the environment stand up?

Where My Heart Is

In a world of hyper-consumption, let's take a step back

John Williamson: Fair-Dinkum Aussie

Melody Tan speaks with country singer-songwriter, John Williamson, about the subjects and issues close to his heart.

What is a Soul?

What the Bible says about the unique status of humankind.

Greening Your Kitchen

We currently consume 25-30 per cent more energy than our planet can sustain.

A Planet in Crisis

Why is there an increased frequency of natural and man-made disasters?

Arctic Meltdown

Geoff Youlden tells us why we should be concerned about melting ice at the North Pole.