A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Our Ageing Earth

Robert Wearner explains that in spite of its apparent solidity, the earth under our feet is constantly changing.

Your Religion and the Environment

We're more connected to the environment than you think. Howard Fisher tells us how.

Heal the Planet

Victor Parachin believes we can all help heal the planet by simply becoming vegetarian.

Bindi Irwin: A Grown Up Little Girl

Author, singer, actor, TV show presenter, dancer and of course, conservationist. It's hard to believe that Bindi Irwin is only 12 years old.

Love Your Food, But…

Did you know that reducing food waste from leftovers or fresh produce past its optimal date can save you money and help cool the planet?

Cate Blanchett: A Quiet Noise

From movie star to climate change advocate, Cate Blanchett has a long and impressive resum?

50 Amazing Years in Space

Robert Wearner takes a look at space travel past-and future.

Green Food Shopping

What you eat matters! Greening your diet can have a more profound effect on greenhouse gas emissions than switching to a hybrid car.

The (spiritual) Importance of Being Green

Environmental issues are more important than politics or mere human survival.

What on earth is Stewardship?

What are you responsible for? Jarrod Stackelroth faces the new challenges of growing up and taking good care of what is his.

Islands on the Move

While many theorise about the lost mythical island of Atlantis, Robert Wolfgramm suggests we're in danger of losing real islands.

Making Sense of Creation

It isn't always easy to see the hand of God in the natural world