A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Earthquakes and birth pains

The surprising similarity between the end of the world and what most mothers have to go through during pregnancy

Living in the in-between

Jesus died on Easter Friday, He rose on Easter Sunday. But have you ever wondered what happened on Saturday

Reflections on Pontius Pilate

Who's to blame for Jesus' crucifixion? Paul Maier paints a vivid picture of the first Easter in his novel, Pontius Pilate.

Instant regrets, memory wipes & free will

Living a life free of regrets may be just a dream - but is there a way to take steps in that direction?

Tim Costello’s Ethical Journey

One of Australia’s leading voices for faith and justice reflects on his unexpected life and career trajectory.

How to avoid toxic positivity

Expecting to be happy all the time comes with a plethora of side-effects. Maybe learning to live with unhappiness is the key?

Eating your way to a better world

Eating your veggies. One simple step that can change your health— but can it really change the world?