185 - Embracing Sunlight feat. Sisi Toro

In this episode of Signs Radio, we talk to Sisi Toro. Sisi is passionate about sunlight—its healing effects, its dietary benefits and how it can improve our health and wellbeing. In this eye-opening interview we discuss all that and more!


184 - How to Have Mind-Blowing Sex! ft. Dr Patricia Weerakoon

CONTENT WARNING: this episode contains discussions on sex, pornography and adult themes, therefore it may not be appropriate for a young audience. Parental caution is advised.

Sex is everywhere in our modern culture: everyone desperately wants it, many aren't satisfied with their sex life and apparently more people than ever apparently aren't having it. In the April issue of Signs, Zanita Fletcher wrote an article titled: "Welcome to the Sex Recession". We talk about that and everything else sex and relationships with Dr Patricia Weerakoon. She's a sexologist, academic and writer. Her mission is to help people have "mind-blowing sex" and healthy relationships. She is also a Christian and is passionate about helping people achieve holistic sexual health.

Read the full article - www.signsofthetimes.org.au
Dr Pat's work - www.patriciaweerakoon.com
Dr Pat's books - www.youthworksmedia.net/search?q=patr…cia+weerakoon


183 - The Last of Us ft. Mark Hadley

This episode, we talk to Mark Hadley about the TV sensation that caught the world by surprise this year: The Last of Us. Sexuality, horror and the power of relationships: this episode has it all! To read the article or discover more, visit www.signsofthetimes.org.au


182 - Chat GPT is Here to Stay ft. Flavius E M Iosif

Chat GPT is here, and for the few months it's been unleashed upon the world, it has certainly made waves. We talk to Flavius (aka Edi) about the recent developments in AI, what it means for the future and if we should be hopeful, concerned or terrified (spoiler alert, it's not that last one). To read the article or discover more, visit www.signsofthetimes.org.au


181 - Gambling's Dark Underbelly

In this episode, we delve into a slightly darker subject—gambling. Gambling is something most of us are vaguely aware of but only consider at the edge of our periphery. Today, we dive into the side of gambling few ever talk about: corruption, organised crime and politics.


180 - Train Trips & the Johari Window ft. Zanita Fletcher

This episode, we dive into an article appearing in the Jan/Feb issue of Signs of the Times magazine. Zanita wrote an article for us titled: "Travelling with God". How can a train ride in India and the Johari window help us grow in our connection to the Divine? Let's find out.


179 - Christmas Special ft the whole team!

The whole team's here! We thought, what better way to finish the year than by getting together and recording one last podcast? In this episode, Jesse, Jarrod and Zanita discuss all about the December issue of Signs of the Times. We also reminisce on the year that's almost gone, and look forward to the year that is slowly but surely creeping up on us. We hope that you enjoy this last episode for 2022 and that you have a rejuvenating, fun and joyful break. See you in 2023!


178 - The World Cup Problem ft. Daniel Kuberek

The Qatar World Cup has been, and has continued to be one of the most divisive sporting events in recent memory. From political controversies to human rights violations, it has been difficult to know how to handle this event. Should we boycott it? Should we watch it anyway? How can we make conscientious ethical decisions about moral grey areas such as this? Join us as Daniel Kuberek talks about the game that he loves and the way it has caused such a stir around the world.


177 - Cardboard Therapy ft. Jesse Herford

What's the deal with all these board games everyone is talking about so much? Well, I've got good news for you! Jesse is here to answer every question you've ever asked about board gaming, as well as every question you've never asked! More importantly though, we'll also explore what board games have taught Jesse about himself and about life.


176 - A Better Money Mindset ft. Rosie Kendall

In the October issue of Signs of the Times magazine, our assistant editor Zanita wrote an article called "Your Net Worth is Not Your Self-Worth". In it, she talks about the effect money has on each of our lives and the ways in which we can combat its sometimes more insidious nature. To reflect on this theme some more, we chatted with Rosie Kendall. Rosie is the CEO of CAP Australia, a non-profit organisation that seeks to help people in financial distress get in charge of their lives. In this episode, Rosie shares with us tips and tricks for how to be a wiser steward of your resources, as well as how to help those who don't have as much.


175 - Greg's Miracle ft. Greg Fernance

Greg thought he was going to die. Accidents, constant trips to the hospital, drug and alcohol addiction — there's no way this man had long for this world. But that's when God decided to interrupt Greg's downward spiral and turn his life upside-down. This conversation was part of a live event we ran with Greg himself, which is why the audio is not as high-quality as you might expect from Signs Radio. We think the conversation itself makes up for it, though.


174 - How Dining could Change the World ft. Zanita Fletcher

This episode, we talk to Signs of the Time's newest team member Zanita about a crazy idea. The simple act of eating around a table once radically transformed how communities related to each other. The most startling thing is, it might be able to do the same again today.