A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Episode 131 - What is church?

What comes to mind when you hear the word "church"? An historical artefact or Hillsong? How about a grassroots movement of people making a difference in their local communities? That's what the leader of the Adventist Church in Sydney wants to see. Image: Nina Strehl_Unsplash

Episode 130 - The truth about death

The various beliefs about death and the afterlife seem trivial and irrelevant to many of us. That is, until we encounter the reality of death within our own circle. That's when it suddenly becomes important to get to the truth. Sydney's "Aussie pastor" Lloyd Grolimund says the Bible offers clear answers. Image: Unsplash_Ante Samarzija

Episode 129 - Who can predict the future?

Did clairvoyant Sylvia Browne accurately predict coronavirus 12 years ago? What was the source of Paul the Octopus's uncanny ability to pick World Cup football winners? And how could an ancient Hebrew prophet sketch the outlines of Jesus' biography, centuries before He was born? Image: Unsplash_Jonathan Sebastiao

Episode 128 - The problem with guilt

Guilt has gone out of fashion—in some circles making someone feel guilty is the ultimate social faux pas. It turns out that we're still afflicted by guilt, but many of us don't know how to deal with it in a healthy way. What can ancient biblical traditions teach us about the problem of guilt and the power of forgiveness? Image: Unsplash_Jacqueline Day

Episode 127 - Who's the true Messiah?

The major world religions seem so different from one another, but it turns out that each of them is awaiting the return of a Chosen One who will mark the end of the world's history as we know it. Are they all talking about the same prophetic figure, or not? Image credit: Phovius_Unsplash

Episode 126 - Racing on Empty

If you feel trapped in a cycle of achievement, hurry and meaninglessness, you'll be able to relate to Iona Rossely's story. Even a speed-skiing accident at 160kph was only a part of what it took to get her to slow down and begin to look for what she really wanted. Image: Supplied

Episode 125 - Is 2020 a crisis point?

“Round and round we go.” It can feel like that sometimes, not only in the context of history but also in our personal lives. How many times can the same mistakes be repeated? Is there an end point? Dr Brad Kemp says there is. And it’s not too far away. Image: Unsplash_Griffin Wooldridge

Episode 124 - Lessons from a firstborn baby

Motherhood is about teaching your baby—how to eat, walk and eventually talk. But what can a baby teach you back?

Episode 123 - Ashley's Nothing New 2020 Challenge

Ashley Stanton decided 2020 would be a year without purchasing brand new fashion apparel. 9 months in, she tells of the the surprising results.

Episode 122 - I don't want Covid to end

Once social isolation came into full force, we found ourselves taking long walks in the late afternoon. I said to her, “I don’t want Covid to end because I don’t want to go back to answering telemarketers.” She replied, “I don’t want Covid to end because I don’t want to go back to getting three kids to three different schools every morning.” And so the conversation went, back and forth, as we watched our kids pedal bikes that had been boring to them only a week before. Image: Jessica Rockowitz_Unsplash

Episode 121 - Origin stories matter

"Where do I come from?" It's a question that goes beyond awkward biology lessons with your children. What you believe about your origins has implications for your identity, purpose and hope for the future. Image: Jose Aljovin_Unsplash

Episode 120 - Prepare to launch

Previous generations had their life course mapped out for them: if you were a woman it was marriage and motherhood; if you were a man it was taking on your father's trade or profession. But today, we find ourselves paralysed by the avalanche of options presented to us, along with messages to "follow your heart", "find your calling" and "fulfil your potential". What's the best way forward? Image credit: Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash