A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Episode 102 - Be Human. Connect.

Covid-19 is likely to only exacerbate problems arising from a pre-existing pandemic: loneliness. Why is human contact so hard in an interconnected world? Image: Unsplash—Noah Buscher

Episode 101 - The problem with plastic

Time and again, human innovation has delivered unexpected side-effects. What can we learn from the story of plastic? Photo: Unsplash—Jasmin Sessler

Episode 100 - Stopping Traffick

Human trafficking is one of the world's most profitable industries. And, it might surprise you to learn, these criminal enterprises touch each of us. Photo: Unsplash—Anthony Tran

Episode 99 - Those who survive

History is littered with the stories of nations and peoples that were completely wiped out. But then there are the survivors — those who have managed to stubbornly hold on to a sense of identity and purpose. The Bible calls these kinds of tenacious groups a "remnant". What can we learn from them today? Photo: Unsplash—Radu Florin

Episode 98 - My first cruise

Glenda McClintock's first cruise involved tropical waters, palm-fringed beaches . . . the edge of a cyclone, rain-soaked bedding and an inspirational glimpse of people helping people living in isolated commununities.

Episode 97 - Hardwired for racism?

Many people are afraid of snakes, but they just can't explain why. Is their fear hardwired or a learned behaviour? Many people instinctively dislike those of other races, but they just can't explain why . . .

Episode 96 - Remember to rest

A life spent spinning frantically round and round will leave you dizzy. It's important to stop. Here's how. Photo: Unsplash—Spring Fed Images

Episode 95 - Making sense of the Trinity

It's one of the key foundational teachings of Christianity, but also one of the most complex and hotly debated. How can God both be One and still have an aspect of threeness? What is the Trinity and why is it important? Signs Radio host Kent Kingston chats with theologian Dariusz Jankiewicz. Photo credit: Unsplash—Ravi Roshan

Episode 94 - Learning to Love

It's a strange paradox that in order to be emotionally secure, sometimes you need to be prepared to be vulnerable. Maryellen Fairfax shares what's she's learned through love and loss. Photo: Unsplash—Jonathan Borba

Episode 93 - I Survived Cancer

It's the sentence you never want to hear your doctor say: "I'm sorry, it's cancer." Journalist and mum of three Tracey Bridcutt recounts her battle with breast cancer.

Episode 92 - The Christmas Invasion

Yeah, everyone loves the idea of the Baby in the manger - babies are cute! But why is the birth of Jesus such a big deal for Christians?

Episode 91 - Wake Up Call

People around the world are being exiled, imprisoned, tortured and killed simply because of their religion or belief - the scale of the issue is mind-numbing. Amnesty Australia's Graham Thom is one person committed to making a positive difference. Photo: Unsplash / Dev Asangbam