A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Episode 115 - The Papuan Problem

Some are calling it a 'slow-motion genocide.' And it's happening right on Australia's doorstep. Human rights advocate Elizabeth Kendal explains the history of West Papua and the current crisis threatening lives and freedom. Photo: Carlo Santone—onerebelcreative

Episode 114 - What is Armageddon?

It's a word even mainstream journalists are throwing around these days. But let's step back from the fear and sensationalism and ask, 'What exactly does the word Armageddon mean and does it have anything to do with our future?' Image: Unsplash_Andy Watkins

Episode 113 - Arrested for good

Most of us think of ourselves as generally law-abiding people. But are there times when it's morally justifiable to break the law? This week's Signs Radio episode features Christian man Mark Delaney, who has been arrested twice for protesting Australia's fossil fuel industry. What issues would you cross the line for? Image: Unsplash_Bill Oxford

Episode 112 - How to hear God's voice

It seems there are thousands of voices around us, all screaming for our attention. Is it possible to hear God's voice amid the clamour? Journalist, broadcaster and Christian Vanesa Pizzuto says yes. Photo: Deagreez—Getty Images

Episode 111 - From Pawn to King

Looking back, we can sometimes see those key moments that set the directions of our lives. The zig-zag pattern of Gordon Gosset's story illustrates the spiritual forces seeking his allegiance.

Episode 110 - Finding the right fit

Maybe you don't actually 'hate' exercise. Maybe you just haven't found the right fitness strategy for you. Image: Unsplash_Gustavo Torres

Episode 109 - Can we beat bullying?

Despite decades of attempts to stamp out bullying, rates remain stubbornly high, not to mention how bullying has metastasised online. What are we doing wrong and how can we fix it?

Episode 108 - How to grow hope

"To be born into the twenty-first century is to be born into an era of hopelessness," says media and cultural critic Mark Hadley, citing evidence that shows this is not just his opinion. The way out, he suggests, begins by rediscovering the meaning of 'hope.' Image: Unsplash_Senjuti Kundu

Episode 107 - The fundamentals of family

Bjorn Karlman is the proud dad of a pre-school-aged daughter and can't stop talking about his wife, Jammie. In this episode he shares how he very nearly wasn't a dad and how Jammie's difficult pregnancy strengthened their marriage and their faith. Image: Unsplash_Isaac Quesada

Episode 106 - The Elvis the world forgot

Tribute artist Gavin Chatelier's passion is to remind the world about Elvis Presley's spirituality and gospel tunes.

Episode 105 - Did the Bible predict Covid-19?

As disaster mounts on disaster and experts warn of a dire future, many people are wondering if this is the end of days. What does the Bible say? Image: Unsplash_Ashkan Forouzani

Episode 104 - Justice at the roots

Plenty of fantastic charities are making a positive difference rescuing and rehabilitating people suffering from trafficking and slavery. But is anyone doing anything to dismantle the criminal structures that perpetuate these abuses? Yes. Image: Unsplash_Zeyn Afuang