A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Episode 90 - Disney goes dark

The kids that grew up on the first Toy Story movies are young adults now. But as the franchise has rolled on, the tone and themes of the plots have become darker and more self-obsessed. Are these really the lessons we want our kids to learn? Signs Radio host Kent Kingston chats with media critic Mark Hadley.

Episode 89 - Can't sleep on concrete

It was only for one night, but Toowoomba's Jacob Ugljesa's eyes were opened when he slept on the streets to raise money for the homeless. What would it take to open his heart? Photo: Unsplash—Jon Tyson

Episode 88 - How to make a healthy baby

Many would-be mums struggling to fall pregnant are given the blunt prescription, "lose weight," based on well-attested research. What's coming to light more recently, however, is the impact of the male partner's health on fertility and even the health outcomes of any offspring.

Episode 87 - Surviving Year 12

What stresses — and opportunities — does Year 12 present for you and your child? Veteran English teacher Denise Nelson offers some practical tips.

Episode 86 - Lest We Forget

War, peace, sacrifice. So what exactly is it that we're supposed to remember on Remembrance Day?

Episode 85 - The Reluctant Leader

It's inevitable that, at some point, you'll be in charge . . . of something or some other people. That makes you a leader. And how you lead is important, says leadership consultant Eddie Hypolite.

Episode 84 - Who was Jesus?

Many religions and philosophies claim Jesus Christ as their own, but who was he, assuming he existed at all?

Episode 83 - The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Taylor Swift's habit of dropping cryptic hints about her upcoming music projects got high school teacher Kira-Leigh Josey thinking about the world's longest running treasure hunt and the search for the ultimate Lover.

Episode 82 - Comparison is the thief of joy

If focusing on the accomplishments and attributes of other people is making you miserable, here are some handy tips to help you escape the deadly cycle of comparison. Image: Joshua Rawson—Unsplash

Episode 81 - Be Fruitful

In the scramble to 'get rich quick', is it possible that we've missed what real wealth is?

Episode 80 - Workplace Romance

From workmate to soulmate? Dating a colleague is fraught with danger and can end in a total trainwreck - not just in terms of the romance, but also your career. Despite this, 40% of us have dated at work. Suzanne Bocking has worked in HR and as a counsellor - she has some practical tips to help you avoid the pitfalls.

Episode 79 - Stubborn Faith

When you're angry at God, pray. When there's nothing left that worth saying, pray. How can faith in God survive the kind of unthinkable suffering that occurred in Auschwitz?