A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Episode 49 - The grand, unified theory . . . of the chair

We talk about chairs in this episode . . . a lot. Take a seat . . .

Episode 48 - Divorce

There's no getting around the fact that divorce is painful, particularly for children. But, says psychologist and daughter of divorced parents Deanna Pitchford, it's also an opportunity to thrive.

Episode 47 - Caribbean Mudcake

It was the best of cakes, it was the worst of cakes. Radio personality and keen amateur baker Monica Gallasch gained some unexpected insights from a recipe that went wrong . . . or did it?

Episode 46 - Mass surveillance

Governments use mass surveillance to protect citizens from terror attacks. But can large databases of private information be abused? Daniel Kuberek joins Kent Kingston to discuss the implications on religious freedom.

Episode 45 - Adoption

Adoption can change a child's life, and yet the process can take years with many hurdles. Human rights lawyer James Standish joins Signs radio to tell why giving the gift of family is so important.

Episode 44 - Hallelujah!

Handel's Messiah is one of the most well-known pieces of classical music. It contains the Hallelujah chorus, which is still sung all around the world. Why is this piece of music so well known? And what connections does it have with Christmas?

Episode 43 - Schools & Religion

It used to be said that three topics should be off-limits for polite conversation, sex, politics and religion. The current debates into the proper place of religion in schools cuts across all three topics - the heated debates that have followed shouldn't be surprising. Author, lawyer, historian and political commentator Roy Williams is our special guest in this episode.

Episode 42 - Mentor

After more than 40 years, the Star Wars franchise has maintained its appeal and sparked the imagination of each successive generation. Film critic and cultural commentator Mark Hadley defends 2018's much-maligned Han Solo movie and says it reminds us that the right mentor can make all the difference for your life's path.

Episode 41 - Mediator

If you want to get ahead, it's important to have friends in high places. And what's true in life, is also true for the afterlife. It's who you know. Pastor Wayne Boehm, who heads up Hope Channel's Discovery Centre Bible school, explains the biblical teaching of Jesus as the Lamb of God, and the heavenly High Priest and mediator.

Episode 40 - Hypersonic

Up until 200 years ago, human beings had not travelled faster than the speed of a galloping horse; in the 1880s railway technophobes warned the human body could not withstand speeds greater than 100 kph. Cue the Wright Brothers, the space race, bullet trains and the information revolution. Could we have ever predicted the exponential growth in knowledge and technology we're in the middle of now? The Bible did.

Episode 39 - Anzacs Speak

One hundred years ago this month world leaders signed the armistice that marked the end of the First World War. In this interview with military historian Dr Daniel Reynaud, we separate myth from fact and explore the spirituality of the Aussie digger.

Episode 38 - Refugees

Do we have an ethical responsibility towards the thousands - no, millions - of displaced people seeking safety for themselves and their families?