Our Times: December 2006


Prayers for the faithful

A recent three-year study of prayers offered for 1800 heart-bypass patients found prayer had no effect on the outcomes. But the study notes that there was a unique subgroup of patients that did do better— the ones who knew they were being prayed for (by family members and friends). This anomaly was put down to the positive thinking of these unique patients. However, Jesus often said, “Your faith has made you well.” It would seem that prayer and faith go hand in hand.

Big brother, Meow

American television channel Animal Planet aired Meow Mix House earlier this year. Having a bit of fun at the expense of other reality shows, this one had a wholesome result—each cat, which had been rescued from an animal shelter, was adopted by a family who watched the show. So, every cat was a winner!

Deep-sea diving

Some whales dive more than two kilometres under the surface yet are not afflicted by decompression sickness. Several unique design features make this possible. The whale’s lungs collapse, which prevents lung rupture and blocks gas exchange in the lungs.
Their blood and muscles store remarkable amounts of oxygen as compared to humans. They have four times as much blood per kilo of body weight, twice as much haemoglobin (oxygen-transport protein in blood), and 10 times the concentration of myoglobin (the oxygen storage protein in muscle).

Beam me up, Scotty …or not

A $US25,000 study by the US Air Force of the feasability of teleportation concluded: “Star Trek-style teleportation faces enormous obstacles…. To heat up and dematerialise one human being would require …the energy equivalent of 330 onemegaton thermonuclear bombs.”

Signs 69 Years Ago

Jesus Christ has been the reason for the existence of SIGNS OF THE TIMES since it inception 120 years ago. He is, indeed, the heart of the Christian message and the reason we reach out to those who are yet to meet Him.

Christmas is the time we remember how close God holds this world to His heart. He sent His Son to be one of us, to live with us, to die for us and return to life anf ascend to heaven where He reigns next to the Father, preparing to return and rescue us from this sin-encrusted world.

Sources: ABC, Time, Scientific American
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