Healthy Gift Ideas


20 Gift ideas to nourish the mind, body and spirit:

  1. Order a gourmet fruit box or arrange for a fruit-of-the-month basket to arrive monthly for the next 12 months! Create your own organic food basket.
  2. Personally bake a healthy fruity Christmas cake.
  3. Give a gym membership.
  4. Buy an introductory session with a personal trainer or a pack of sessions.
  5. Purchase a pedometer to track steps and motivate increased physical activity.
  6. Get a heart-rate monitor for those more serious “athletes.”
  7. Hire a treadmill for a defined period or buy one if you think it will be used in the longer term. This is particularly useful for walking in poor weather conditions.
  8. Select some sports and game equipment—for example, a punching bag, soccer ball or tennis racquet.
  9. Pick up a Pilates or aerobics DVD.
  10. Pamper someone with skincare products.
  11. Find some colourful and fragrant candles.
  12. Reward someone with a relaxing music CD.
  13. Spoil with a gift certificate for a massage ranging from Swedish, aromatherapy or Thai style.
  14. Prepay for a consultation with a dietitian for a nutrition makeover in the new year.
  15. Buy a book on health, such as The China Study, The Okinawa Program or The Breakfast Book.
  16. Choose a colourful cookbook that shows how to use more whole foods, or contact Sanitarium for several inexpensive titles, which you could bundle.
  17. Surprise someone with a subscription to an inspiring magazine that includes healthy recipe options.
  18. Rent a purified water cooler for a year.
  19. Gift wrap “nutrition and exercise diary” software for tracking kilojoules in/kilojoules out—available for PCs, Macs and PDAs.
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