A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Dodging debt

Loans look so quick and easy—they get us what we want, now! But then there's the debt trap . . .

Is sharing caring?

Do the promises of the “new economy” of a better community and a gentler impact on the environment stand up?

Santa 2.0

Scott Wegener polishes his resume for a job application that is out of this world.

Something to Celebrate

The little house looked dark compared to all the others. There were no festive decorations in the yard and only a single string of lights decorated the front windows. It didn’t seem like the owners were doing much celebrating.

A Special Gift at Christmas

A divine token of love

Make Christmas Great

How to enjoy this holiday without the financial stress

Giving Without Spending

Learning to be generous even during difficult financial times

Driven to Run

What would make a man decide to run from the North Pole to the South?

Free to Give

Hoard it or share it? What to do with your wealth.

Measure of Generosity

Braden Blyde ponders the common contradiction, that those who have the least often give the most.

7 Non-Material Ways of Giving

Christmas may be a season of giving, but as Victor Parachin discovers, you don't have to go broke doing so

Gifts That Show You Care

One of the most common Christmas traditions is exchanging gifts. Victor Parachin talks about gifts that people will appreciate even more than things.