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World War 2


Are Humans Basically Good?

A few summers back, my wife and I hosted a reunion. We had all met many years earlier as young married couples, having moved...

The True Soldier in Us All

I like to watch war movies, and recently, as I was surfing through Netflix, I decided to re-watch one of my favourites: Steven Spielberg’s...

The Incredible Life of Vlad Malley

Growing up, I had a wonderful grandpa. I remember him as a kind, hardworking and incredibly selfless man. He was also a quiet, reserved...

Conquering Cruelty with Love

In cell number eight in a prison in Pyongyang, a few frozen and emaciated prisoners had to endure an additional torture—the pungent smell and...

Faith in the face of danger

As Corrie ten Boom watched a secret room getting carved out of her bedroom wall, she was well aware of the consequences of what...

5 lessons from the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

He’s "the faithful spy" and a modern martyr, but Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life and teachings are more than just historical monuments—they’re lessons for us all.