A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Five Questions with David Roberston

David Robertson is director of Safe Places Services, a Seventh-day Adventist organisation dedicated to safeguard churches from sexual abuse and provide support for victims of the crime.

Lying’s OK – Honestly!

Have you ever fudged your tax return? What about padding your resume? After all, if it doesn't harm anybody, lying's alright, isn't it?

Fresh Air Blows

In the world of political PR and spin, no matter its colour, truth is often a casualty. But it seems it is not dead yet, reflects Daniel Reynaud.

Telling the Truth

To Andy Andrews telling his kids that going to jail begins with lying seemed extreme. But then he thought about it more.

You Shall Not Give False Testimony

When is it okay to tell a lie? Loron Wade explains truth and truth telling.


In a survey of Australian university students, more than eight out of 10 admitted cheating and copying the work of others.

Does This Sound Good To You?

Putting our thoughts into words more often could be beneficial. Kim Peckham explores the value of both compliments and correction.

Online Gossip: more than sticks and stones

How can you know that what you find online can be trusted? Mark Kellner shares some advice.

Just Say NO!

Ever wondered why it's so hard to say no to advertising? Christine Miles investigates the theory behind the sales pitch.