A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Raising Beautiful Girls

A few tips for mothers who want their daughters to grow up confident and self-assured.

Like Father, Like Son?

The influence of fathers on their children is not to be underestimated.

The Phones and the Bees

How our teens are becoming unwitting players in the sex industry

Teens and Alcohol

Helping young people make better choices for their lives

A Good Reason to Serve

The Bible's advice on raising well-adjusted children

Youth of the Nation

The implications of the Arab uprisings have more relevance to Christianity than you may think. Geoff Youlden tells us why.

Teen Health and Acne

Many adolescents believe that eating chocolate or fatty and sugary foods will give them a "crater face."

How to Really Love: Just For Teens

Love is more art than action. Melanie Winkler gives some insights into this ultimate of all emotions.

Mirages in the Mirror

When we go shopping she does not want to use the public toilets because she hates seeing herself in those mirrors.

Orientation Day

He also gets teased at school and got into a fight, then on the bus boys burned his leg with a cigarette lighter.

How to Live in a Hostile World

Seeing how teenage believers deal with life was consistently startling.

Your mobile: miracle or menace

There's no doubt a mobile phone makes for a good friend, but it can also be a hostile enemy-if you let it, reports Glenis Lindley.