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Natural sweeteners: are they good for you?

They're sweet. But are they safe?

Snacking: The modern habit that could be putting your health and...

Heading for the pantry? You might want to wait a moment...

Maritza Brunt’s sugar diaries

For Maritza, the plan was simple: one month without sugar. The execution of the plan was much, much harder.

Go healthy for good – April 2017

Eating more nuts could save your life. And why you should never order the "combo" meal from fast food restaurants.

Go healthy for good – March 2017

It's time to take a tough stance on soft drink. And why a routine can help reduce the rotundness in our children.

Go healthy for good – December 2016

Want to go healthy for good? Consider your sugar intake and stress levels.

That sugar tax

Taxes and death. Many of us try everything reasonable to avoid both, but, what if embracing one could help us to delay the other.

Alternative Sweeteners

Sugar has gotten a bad rap for being highly refined and a source of empty kilojoules. But what else can you use?

The Great Sugar Scandal

Nutrition experts Vicki Griffin and Evelyn Kissinger team up to answer some important questions about sweeteners, including why you should cut back on sugar—and how.

The Caffeine Buzz

The morning cuppa, the queues for coffee at local cafés, the breakfast cans of Diet Coke and energy drinks.

Paleo, Quit Sugar or 5:2?

Does a Venetian merchant from the 1550's have the best diet plan?

Sugar Shock!

New research reveals that a sweet tooth may be more of an addiction than mere predilection, says Pam Mellskog.