A Christian Perspective on the World Today


So you’re church- shopping . . .

Churches are changing and it’s easy to be blinded by the razzle-dazzle of slick marketing. How do you find the church God is calling you to?

Right place, right time

Believing in God only becomes real when it affects the way you live

Consoling faith

Critics sometimes deride religious faith as a crutch for the weak. They may have a point, but there’s more to the story.

Who Am I?

Many people struggle with questions of purpose, meaning and identity. Kent Kingston is no exception, but finds the Bible is a great place to look for answers.

Learning to praise

Esther Bailey says that offering praise to God may not come as naturally as asking for His help, but it’s just as important.

New glasses

Marrying someone outside her culture gave Preethi Burkholder a new way to look at people.

Book review: James K A Smith: You Are What You Love

In You Are What You Love, James K A Smith reminds us that spirituality concerns what we value most, and we show what we value even when we are not thinking about it by how we spend our lives.

How to Grow Together With God

Husbands and wives sometimes have a hard time growing together spiritually. Karen Holford provides some strategies to help.

Better Than Hyper-Reality

Nathan Brown talks with Melbourne author Mark Sayers about his explorations of our culture.

Spiritual and Religious

Spirituality is trendy, religion is not. But Samir Selmanovic explains why we need both.

Family Revolution

Creating a healthy family is an art. Rochelle Melville reveals some values and practices of a God-centred home.

The Nurture of God

We are all followers. Those who would rule our lives abound. Samir Selmanavic offers up an invitation to follow, and follow well, a worthy Master.