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social justice


Ellen White and the joy of helping those in need

Ellen White is one of the founding members of the Adventist Church. Adrian Neagu explains why her life was about so much more than just the words she wrote.

Walk With Us

Understanding the "Uluru Statement from the Heart" and what it means for Australia.

Did the Chauvin Trial Bring Justice For George Floyd?

With Derek Chauvin found guilty, many have celebrated - proclaiming that justice has been served. But what does justice even look like in today's society?

Joy Amid Poverty

Oceans separate them, but they share the same hope.

Plight of a refugee

In conjunction with Refugee Week in Australia, Melody Tan discovers what it's like when even home isn't safe.

When Rights are Wrong

At what stage does human rights become wrong, and are we to judge? Robert Wolfgramm shares his view

Meeting Evil with Evil

The push in Britain for an ID card system residents is a sign of things to come.

Hillary Clinton: Speaking up for Religious Freedom

The USA was founded, in part, as a place where there is freedom to worship as one pleased. The possible candidate for the US presidency asks, have attitudes changed?