A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Called to Attention

An analysis of the news that we consume - or that consumes us.

Cover and Deception

What was the first act of deceit done to Humankind

The Greatest Gift

Receiving the best present in the world

Attaining Perfection

Going to the root of evil. Is there hope for humanity?

Lost and Found

In three simple lessons, Jesus taught us much about our condition. But He also revealed much more about Himself, as Limoni O'uiha explains.

Did Christ Have to Die?

As the Christian world celebrates Easter, Arthur Patrick explores why Jesus had to die.

Someone to Blame

Why do people die? Glenn Townend explores the reason behind mortality.

Meeting Your Deepest Needs

Have you ever felt like giving up? Mark Finley offers us a friend and so much more. We can find peace in this turbulent world.

Pride Goeth …

A biblical example of how to deal with pride in your own life

The Great War

The battle in heaven still rages on

Is God Responsible?

Why does a loving God permit disasters?

Resolutions You Can Keep

Kim Peckham asks about those fast-fading New Year's resolutions and offers advice to help you keep next year's.