A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Obsession about Possessions

Consumerism threatens to destroy us and our world, warns Brendan Pratt. Here’s what we can do about it.

The Reason for the Season

Do you sometimes feel that Christmas has become an insane season of too much expense, too many parties and too much food?

A Simpler Life

Do you think you need a big house with state-of-the-art appliances and a huge pay packet in order to be happy? An overnight stay on Amantani Island on Peru's Lake Titicaca taught Kathryn Page that the enjoyment of life can be found in a simpler things.

Behind the Joneses

Keeping up with the Joneses has become less expensive recently, with the shift of production to developing countries. However, there are hidden costs, as Kristin Thiele reveals.

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Market research suggests that most shoppers take only three seconds to choose various foods in the supermarket, which is hardly enough time to consider value, nutrition and convenience equally.

Affluenza: What Does Your Money Say About You?

Bruce Manners looks at the lives of the rich and famous and discovers that, not only can money not buy happiness-it sometimes leads to grief.

Our New Religion

Nathan Brown considers an obsession described as our new national religion-and the alternative.

How Kids Manipulate Us

We've all seen them in the shopping centre- kids who control their parents. But what do we do when we get home and discover they are our kids? Susan Davis makes some helpful suggestions.

The Good Life

Outward-focused living: life as God intended

Just Say NO!

Ever wondered why it's so hard to say no to advertising? Christine Miles investigates the theory behind the sales pitch.