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Food and health with Dr Michael Orlich of the Loma Linda...

When the founders of the Loma Linda University Medical Center in California laid the foundation, their purpose was somewhat paradoxical. Christians to the bone,...

From Sunday to Sabbath

Doug Batchelor explains why he switched from observing the Sabbath on Sunday, the first day of the week, to observing it on Saturday, the seventh day.

Along the Kokoda Track

A walk down memory lane, along the path of "angels".

Right on Track

In an environment marred by alcohol and crime, a group of Aboriginal children are getting a shot at life.

No Heil Hitler!

Paul Cieslar would have had a normal, happy childhood growing up in Wisla, Poland, if not for one thing—the Nazi occupation of his country.

Desire of Ages

Not everyone can write a book about Christ's life, says Arthur Patrick, but he tells the story of one woman who did.

William Miller: preacher of the Advent

He struggled with God over proclaiming the truths he'd learned in the Bible but when he surrendered, he stirred a nation. George Knight tells the story.

120 years of Signs of the Times!

After 120 years of continuous publication, SIGNS looks back - yet still looks foward