A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Hope and courage in Middle-Earth

In a world of darkness, heroism often comes from the strangest places. JRR Tolkien infused his everyday heroes with faith, hope and determination in the face of insurmountable odds.

Forgiving a Nazi

Would you be able to forgive someone who caused immeasurable suffering not only to you but also your family?

Are you indoctrinating your kids?

Parenting is tough and raising your kids to share your values can be even tougher. How can we responsibly impress our values onto our children without verging into the realm of indoctrination?

Why would you go to Burning Man?

More than 78,000 people travel to the Nevada desert each year to party and erect large statues—eventually setting them on fire. What inspires this bizarre practice?

Will the metaverse really change the future?

There's plenty of talk about Metaverse, NFTs and our shared virtual future. Here's a guide to getting your head around what it all means.
Two women asking R U OK?

Are you really ok?

If someone asks "R U OK?" this week, would you be able to respond honestly? Learn how to become more aware of your emotions and better manage your own mental health.