A Christian Perspective on the World Today

second coming

Hope and the end of history

Theories and speculation abound about Jesus’ return to this earth, but what does the Bible say?

Dreams of a new earth

If your vision of the afterlife is limited to fluffy clouds, harps and endless boredom, Melissa Howell will stretch your imagination with some hints from the Bible.

Why Jesus is returning

This world is a dangerous place and full of fear. That, says Loren Seibold, makes Jesus’ promise to return someday a message of hope and security.

The guarantee of Jesus’ return

Before Jesus left the earth He said He would return. But after nearly 2000 years, how can Christians believe that promise?

Running the race

Competing in an ironman event requires a mix of training, determination, endurance . . . and a little bit of crazy. Perhaps the same can be said of the Christian faith.

The Mad Max apolcalyse

The second coming of Christ, and the events that will follow, sounds like the plot of one epic post-apocalyptic movie.

God’s reward

Do you do what you do because of the potential reward, or because it's the right thing to do?

Will We Know Each Other In Heaven

The Bible says we will be transformed when Jesus comes. Does this extend to our memories and recognition of our friends and loved ones?

Why Jesus’ death matters

Modern critics claim that Jesus’ death has no more meaning than anyone else’s death. Clifford Goldstein responds to that challenge.

The Growing Food Crisis

The world is on the brink of a major food crisis, but in spite of grave prospects, there is hope.

The Blood Moon Tetrad

With a lunar eclipse scheduled for this month, it’s time to consider whether it—or the four blood moons of recent years—are a portent of things to come.

Body and Soul: Together and Forever

Are human beings made up of one part or two?