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Burma to Brisbane: Esther Moo’s Story

Let me paint you a picture of Esther Moo’s life, one of approximately 1959 Karen refugees who migrated to Australia between 2009 and 2010. I...

Our refugee problem

"Australia is full"—a statement that ignores the thousands of refugees. Is it moral to rid ourselves of asylum seekers?

Muddy, crowded and desperate . . . but never hopeless

About one million Rohingya have fled Myanmar and are seeking sanctuary in Bangladesh. Aid worker Britt Celine Oldebraten discovered that, while the scale of the crisis is hard to grasp, the stories of individual refugees are all too real.

A School for Refugees

This March marked the fifth year of the Syrian crisis, which has displaced half of the country’s population. Here’s what one agency is doing to help the suffering population.