A Christian Perspective on the World Today


A Mother’s Emancipation

I feel like I'm a slave in my own house.

Orientation Day

He also gets teased at school and got into a fight, then on the bus boys burned his leg with a cigarette lighter.

How to Live in a Hostile World

Seeing how teenage believers deal with life was consistently startling.

No Need to Get Mad!

Kids can be frustrating, as all parents well know. But as Sheila O'Connor points out, you can and need to stay in control of them-and yourself.

Separation and Loss

I couldn't deal with her behaviour, so I sent her to her mother thinking she would have a better life.

When Three’s a Crowd

Lifeguide with counsellor Deanna Pitchford

Your mobile: miracle or menace

There's no doubt a mobile phone makes for a good friend, but it can also be a hostile enemy-if you let it, reports Glenis Lindley.