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This generation needs to fight obesity for the sake of the...

So you think you’re ready to make a baby? There are some weighty issues that need to be considered first.

Go healthy for good – November 2017

New research reveals the toxic relationship between meat consumption and asthma. And why we need to be wary of the centimetres around our waist.

Go healthy for good – October 2017

The link between ADHD and risky sexual behaviour is much stronger than you might think.

Go Healthy For Good – June 2016

Nerida McKibben is the host of HopeChannel’s health and wellness show, Go Healthy For Good. To find out more, go to www.hop.ec/gohealthyforgood.

Go healthy for good – March 2017

It's time to take a tough stance on soft drink. And why a routine can help reduce the rotundness in our children.

That sugar tax

Taxes and death. Many of us try everything reasonable to avoid both, but, what if embracing one could help us to delay the other.

Beating Back Obesity

It has become the biggest killer all around the world, but Charles Mills gives us some strategies to combat it.

Fancy a Fruit Juice?

Is fruit juice a health food or a glamorised, sugary drink?

Eat With Your Kids

According to Gary Hopkins, having a meal together is as essential to the lives of your children as it is for their physical well-being.

Fight Obesity in Kids

Obesity in childhood strongly predisposes to obesity in adulthood. Yet many parents are oblivious to the fact that their child is carrying around more than just puppy fat and they assume their child will simply grow out of it.

Liquid Calories to Burn

Did you know that the size of a soft drink container has increased by two to three times over the past 50 years?

Overcome the Top Dieting Pitfalls

Eating right has numerous enemies. Kelly James-Enger reveals four pitfalls that derail healthy diets.