A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Bear Grylls: His riskiest adventure yet

The man who climbed Everest at 23 is now ready to take on a new challenge: being a little more public about his faith and writing a book about God.

10 Fun Family Activities

A family who exercises together stays healthy together. Andrew Cate outlines how you can enjoy family fitness and fun.

The Benefits of Being Outdoors

Living in a technology-focused era, our natural connection with planet Earth is dwindling. Julie Guirgis tells us why it is important to get outside.

How Good Are You?

Marvin Moore reflects on the question of our inherent human goodness-and our inherent human evil.

God is Right Brained

Chris Blake is not satisfied with many of our assumptions about God.

The Unthinkable

Fully human and fully divine-Graeme Loftus ponders the nature of Jesus Christ.

The Hope of Judgment

Nathan Brown explores how the promise of God's judgment gives life meaning now.

Does God Torture Sinners?

Could a loving God really torture His children? Murl Vance presents a compelling revelation of God's nature.

Answers for Everything

Cristian Copaceanu inspects the judgment scene at the end of the Bible. What will it reveal about God?

Double Click

We all represent something. David Edgren ponders the true nature of God-and His people.

The Inclusiveness of God

Samir Selmanovic reveals the key ingredient in the nature of God that makes Him so compelling.

The Delight of God

Samir Selmanovic takes a "soul audit" and reflects on what that tells us about ourselves and about God.