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What if you could have everything your heart desired?

To the glory of God alone

You're probably heard the Hallelujah chorus, or even the whole of Handel's Messiah. But what's the story behind the music?

Beautiful maths

The greatest mind of the 20th century said he found God in music. Ty Gibson explains.

Alicia Keys: on music and motherhood

She's the queen of R&B, but there's more to Alicia Keys than her music.

10 Tips for Excellent Health

Ways to improve your health—day after day after day.

John Williamson: Fair-Dinkum Aussie

Melody Tan speaks with country singer-songwriter, John Williamson, about the subjects and issues close to his heart.

Return to Plan A-Again

Paul Colman on Christianity music and life without his trio

Josh Cunningham: Singing a New Song

Melody Tan catches up with The Waifs' band member to talk about religion, music and life.

Andre Rieu: Facing the Music

Every great musician has lived an intriguing life. Kristel Rae reflects on the story that shaped the fun-loving virtuoso, Andre Rieu.

James Morrison’s Soul Music

Going gospel and loving it!