A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Brave enough to listen

Yes, it’s uncomfortable to think about domestic violence, let alone confront it. But the alternative is unthinkable.

A shed-full of men (and the occasional woman)

Many men resist opening up about their emotions and struggles. But introduce a toolbox—all kinds of problems will get fixed.

Prostate problems

It's hard to know if a man should be more vigilant or more relaxed when it comes to the threat of prostate cancer

Secrets of highly successful marriages

Want a happy marriage? Trafford Fischer looks at research that reveals the characteristics husbands and wives value most.

Suffering in silence

Brought up never to raise a hand against a woman, what does a man do when his partner turns violent? Kent Kingston explores the hidden flipside of domestic violence.

Let’s Talk About Sex

The new alternative gaining momentum in our highly-sexualised society.

His Role

David Brattston finds out what it means for a husband to be the head of the family with the help of some early Christian writings.

Why Jesus Washed Their Feet

The washing of another's feet is a practice few Christians participate in today. Harrold Harker looks at the reason why and asks, why not?

The Gender Genesis

In today's world of gender equality, are men and women different? Glenn Townend unpacks the Bible's record of the first humans to reveal the Creator's intention for each of us.

Men, Women and Marriage

In Australia, says social researcher Hugh Mackay, 76 per cent of couples cohabit prior to marriage and over 45 per cent of contemporary marriages end in divorce.