A Christian Perspective on the World Today

Maryellen Hacko


How walking 10,000 steps a day changed how I set goals

Combine someone who hates exercise with a daily step challenge, and you’re going to need creative ways to stay motivated.

Divorced from reality: Why the need to know often does more...

When Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce this month, the media and public at large asked one question—"why?"

Secrecy, shame and integrity: The struggle of being a celebrity

The recent death of television presenter Kylie Jay has highlighted once more that even celebrities are not immune from hidden health struggles. So why is it something we find so difficult to discuss?

Mother-Daughter Conflict & Why We Hate Those We Love

How favourite colours, late dinners and unwashed clothes can get in the way of the ones who matter the most

The Café church

The buzz of a coffee machine, the chopping of vegies and open conversations about life’s struggles. It’s not church as you know it, but it reaches the neediest people in society.

How launching my personal brand reshaped my identity

Should I narrow my talents down to a sharp focus or explore them to the limit?

The secret to true romance

If you take your cues from Hollywood, there’s every chance you’ll end up miserable. But there is a better way . . .

The illusion of connection

Loneliness (n): a feeling of sadness because one has no friends or company. But you are not alone.