A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The Importance of Marriage and Family

Errol Webster finds out how Jesus defined marriage, its origin and permanence.

Ready for Financial Har-money?

Finances are very divisive issues in some families. Gordon Botting suggests ways to avoid these problems.

Finding Success in Relationships

Maintaining a relationship can be harder than you might think. And it doesn't always have a fairytale ending, as Dillon Cocks points out.

His Role

David Brattston finds out what it means for a husband to be the head of the family with the help of some early Christian writings.

Is Marriage Still Relevant?

Ed Dickerson responds to a question that is being asked more and more frequently these days: Does the piece of paper matter?

Dr Phil’s Grand Appeal

In a world where "for better and for worse" is an anachronism, this guy gives the case for real relationships a chance. And women love him for it, as Lifeguide columnist Trafford Fischer discovered.

How to Really Love: Just For Teens

Love is more art than action. Melanie Winkler gives some insights into this ultimate of all emotions.

Andre Rieu: Facing the Music

Every great musician has lived an intriguing life. Kristel Rae reflects on the story that shaped the fun-loving virtuoso, Andre Rieu.

Learning to Have a Voice

My problem is that I am feeling a restlessness I cannot suppress. I long to make my own decisions and take charge of my own life.

Hints for a Healthy Marriage

Marriage, like all relationships, needs investment to prosper. Victor Parachin suggests a few ways to improve yours.

Building Good Relationships

Today, nearly 80 per cent of couples live together before marriage. Many live together and never marry.

What Next?

I love her dearly but I cannot go back. As soon as the next conflict starts, she will do what she usually does when she is upset with me