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Comparison: the thief of joy

If we keep comparing ourselves to others who are taller, smarter, richer, better-looking . . . we’ll always be miserable. Here’s how to stop.

The cost of lies

Television show review: "Chernobyl" on HBO

Lying’s OK – Honestly!

Have you ever fudged your tax return? What about padding your resume? After all, if it doesn't harm anybody, lying's alright, isn't it?

Fresh Air Blows

In the world of political PR and spin, no matter its colour, truth is often a casualty. But it seems it is not dead yet, reflects Daniel Reynaud.

The Da Vinci Code, Constantine and Christians

Is there truth in this bestseller?

Excuses, Excuses …

Making excuses for our actions, or lack of them, is almost part of human nature. But is it acceptable? Glenis Lindley gives her opinion.