A Christian Perspective on the World Today



A flood of gratitude

When the floods descended on this family, they were filled with bad memories. But they managed to find hope and thankfulness in the middle of a disaster.

Reclaim your identity

Is there a way to defeat shame and take up a new identity, letting go of all the brokenness of your past? Marcos Torres suggests there is.

The science of dining

It's hard to believe it, but once upon a time the dinner table changed the world. Can it do that again?

Camping at the end of the world

Modern-day doomsayers and prophets can be scary. But what is the gift of prophecy really about, and do real modern-day prophets exist?

Bonita’s Story: Searching for connection, finding love

Bonita Fernance chased connection and love anywhere she could find it. When she woke up in hospital, she knew she needed something else. TRIGGER WARNING

A voice in the darkness

There's a quiet voice speaking to all of us—it won't force or impose itself on you or I. It's a voice that speaks life.

From boot-less boy to life-changing footballer

It’s been described as one of the best stories in Australia, if not the world—but few people have heard it. This is the story of Sir Doug Nicholls, the man some called "the perfect footballer".

What is NAIDOC week?

An indigenous perspective on the importance of NAIDOC Week.