A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Why would you go to Burning Man?

More than 78,000 people travel to the Nevada desert each year to party and erect large statues—eventually setting them on fire. What inspires this bizarre practice?

The winner takes it all

ABBA, weight loss and meaning—and discovering the truth about idols.

The Truth About Easter

Every month, Lyle Southwell delves into the Bible to answer some of life and Christianity’s deeper questions. Suggest a topic at info@signsofthetimes.org.au.

Little Gods

For centuries cultures have created gods to meet their own needs. Loron Wade explores the nature of the one true God and explains the danger of false gods.

True Versus False Worship

I once visited a beautifully ornate temple in northern India. People were filing past the lingam, paying homage with gifts of money and flowers.

Who do you Worship?

Worship is an attitude of the heart. In other words, what we love, we worship. Loron Wade points us to the only God who deserves our love and worship.

Our First Love

Here are really only two views as to where life came from: either evolution or creation.

The Delight of God

Samir Selmanovic takes a "soul audit" and reflects on what that tells us about ourselves and about God.