A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Live to forgive

With Easter-time often comes hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and bunnies; but behind it all is the tragic love story of Jesus' death, and how it represents forgiveness.

Humble faith

If you’re proud of your humility, you’ve missed the point!

In praise of the ordinary

Carrying out ordinary tasks doesn’t make us insignificant, says Vanesa Pizzuto. On the contrary, that’s what makes us great!

How to be a better man

The secret to being a real man, says Victor Parachin, is to learn the fine art of kindness.

The Fine Art of Apology

Why are two little words so hard for us to say? Victor Parachin explores the benefits of saying, "I'm sorry."

Seeking Out a Prophet

Throughout human history God has sent prophets to reveal His will and His plans. Here's the story of one such prophet and the blessing that resulted from seeking out the prophet of God.

The Humility of God

"Kneel before your king" has been heard by a myriad of subjects. Samir Selmanovic reveals a kingdom where the kneeling is done by the King-a Servant King.

I Could be Mistaken

Everybody makes mistakes. Kim Peckham offers his mistakeridden life as an illustration.

Pride Goeth …

A biblical example of how to deal with pride in your own life