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Bringing Joy to Retirement

Help your parents enjoy the best time of their lives.

How to Develop a More Meaningful Prayer Life

Randy Maxwell shares some thoughts on how you can find more meaning in prayer.

When You Can’t Fix It

How to help when tragedy strikes those you know

Make Christmas Great

How to enjoy this holiday without the financial stress

A Guide to Eating Well

A diet designed for optimal health

How to Say No

You can still be nice and still set boundaries

Messages From Above

How to speak with God

Basics of Vegetarianism

Simple ways to help you go meat free

Managing Marriage and Money

Money issues can threaten many a marriage-but they don't have to. Kathryn Lay shares her experience.

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Why taking the time to grieve can help the soul

When Love is Waiting

Sometimes, it isn't that love doesn't exist. It's just expressed wrongly

How to Stop the Panic Attack Cycle

Ryan Rivera explains the triggers and causes behind anxiety attacks and shows us how to break free from their stranglehold.