A Christian Perspective on the World Today


God’s Promises for Your Future

How one woman's life changed from despair to hope.

When My Father Died

Exploring the harder issues of life - and finding comfort

Arctic Meltdown

Geoff Youlden tells us why we should be concerned about melting ice at the North Pole.

Desert Storm

A camping experience reveals to Greg Butler God's promises.

Eternal Life Now?

We don't have to wait to enjoy the life Jesus has promised us in heaven

Reasons for Hope

Why we do not need to fear the last days

Waiting for the End

According to Seth Pierce, we have much to look forward to when it comes to Christ's second coming.

Money Meltdown

Many thinking people are asking whether the current global economic crisis is foretold in Revelation, namely chapter 18. Ed Dickerson responds to that question.

Myth, Mirage or Miracle

Is this brief life all that is on offer? Geoffrey Garne doesn't think so.

Youth of the Nation

The implications of the Arab uprisings have more relevance to Christianity than you may think. Geoff Youlden tells us why.

Defying the Odds

Rochelle Fraser speaks to a mother who was told she'd never be able to help her son experience a full life.


Why did God allow the earthquake and tsunami to strike Japan?