A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Your ally against debt and poverty: the Church

So many families are struggling financially, drowning in debt with no rescue in sight. Could the solution be as close as the church down the street?

You can recover from the devastation of grief

Grief is a hard journey, but it opens the way to some vital, if surprising, insights.

God, please don’t let me die!

In a single moment, Hashim Garrett’s life was changed forever. He now knows anguish, depression and the incredible power of forgiveness.

Dealing with anxiety

Yes, anxiety is a real medical condition. But there are practical strategies and solutions that work.

Doing Good, Better

When it comes to helping communities affected by disaster, there is a right and wrong way.

When You Can’t Fix It

How to help when tragedy strikes those you know

How to Say No

You can still be nice and still set boundaries

Seeking God’s Will For Your Life

What to do when the drama is missing.

Basics of Vegetarianism

Simple ways to help you go meat free

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Why taking the time to grieve can help the soul

Mo Better

Adele Nash considers the hairier side of life.

Attaining Perfection

Going to the root of evil. Is there hope for humanity?