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Overheard: January 2016

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Burning Hellfire

Does 'Hell' exist?

9 Facts About Jesus’ Second Coming

Captain Scott O’Grady was shot down over Bosnia on June 2, 1995. He pulled the ejection lever and parachuted into enemy territory.

Between Heaven’ n’ Hell in the Here-‘n’-Now

The choices we make today, determines where we'll be tomorrow

Eternal Torment?

What the Bible really teaches about death, hell and the afterlife.

A Place For You

Life in our world can be disappointing and painful. That's why you'll enjoy Nancy Canwell's reflections on what life in God's New Earth will be like.

Does God Torture Sinners?

Could a loving God really torture His children? Murl Vance presents a compelling revelation of God's nature.

Where on Earth is Hell?

Will sinners burn forever in hell?