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Top tips for heart-healthy living

Top tips that will have your heart thanking you

Beating Back Obesity

It has become the biggest killer all around the world, but Charles Mills gives us some strategies to combat it.

Fats: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

How do you discern between good and bad fats? A simple way is to check their origin. Are they plant- or animal-based? And how processed are they?

Are Trans Fats to Die For?

Consuming 5 g trans fats daily is known to increase heart disease risk by 25 per cent.

Pills or Peanuts?

Sometimes fact seems stranger than fiction. Certain high-fat foods, such as peanuts and peanut butter, not only protect us from developing heart disease, but high mono-unsaturated fat diets based on these foods have been found to work better than low-fat

Recipe Makeover

Giving your favourite family recipes a nutritional makeover can help you cut down on fat (especially the undesirable saturated type) and include more of the right carbohydrate and incorporate foods known to fight chronic diseases.