A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Are you being watched?

Your electronic devices are your window to the world. But who's looking back?

Selfies, scalpels & soul surgery

These days, just about anyone can Photoshop their selfies to perfection. But that's no solution for the ugliness of self-loathing.

Feeding the homeless or the ego?

The "humble-brag" — is it a way to feed one's ego, or is there a greater benefit behind sharing good deeds.

Connected but lonely?

The busy activity on your Facebook newsfeed may belie a more sobering reality.

Your child’s online footprint

Parents' duty of care to their children extends to the potentially dangerous digital space.

A Selfie of the Heart

What if you could post a photo of who you are, not what you look like? Would you "like" that photo?